Company to the industrial

  • We are a company dedicated to the industrial machining of parts using CNC lathes and machining centers, mainly in metal (carbon steels, stainless steels, brass, aluminum, bronze) and plastics. Our product is aimed at a wide range of end consumers. Currently we manufacture parts for sectors such as electrical sector, automotive, metal structures, railway industry...
  •  "The experience gained since our founding in 1998 is an endorsement that, together with a constant policy of training our team and a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, have been the keys to our growth to become strategic suppliers for our customers.
  • Production plant: our factory is located in Cubas de la Sagra, province of Madrid.
  • Our extensive experience in the machining sector allows us both in our production plant, and in the customer's facilities, to analyze the particular problem of each job.
  •  We prepare budgets without commitment, studying the most cost-effective option and the optimal solution in each case.